Computer Science 1

This webpage is for my computer science 1 class. We
are learning to code in C#. I have several assignments
that I would like to show you. Programming is difficult
but I would call it hard fun.

Goodbye Program


This project lets the user translate the word "Goodbye" into four languages when a button is pushed. Each language also shows a corresponding flag.

About Page


When a button is pushed this project displays the company logo, a description of the company. There are also buttons which allow the user to change the font
and color of the text.

Mailing Label


This program outputs the users mailing address from from information the user inputted into textboxes.

Car Rental


This project demonstrates how to keep a subtotal on purchasing multiple items. It also keeps track of total sales, total customers, and average sale.



This takes the user inputted data (height and weight) and outputs their BMI. It also keeps track of the average BMI and the total number of BMI's calculated.

Car Rental Update


This program is an example of a website used for a car dealership. Using information inputted by the user and their choice of car, the program outputs an adress, information for the customer, and manager info.

Test Score Program


This program takes two grade percetages and finds the letter grade, highest grade, and average grade.



In this project we learned how to randomly display pictures and to calculate probablility.

Craps Game


In this program we built off the skills we learned in the Dice game. We changed the program to function like the Craps game.

T-Shirt Sales


In this program the user chooses what kinds of shirts they want and the program outputs their total cost.

Slot Machine


This project is a slot machine that functions when the user enters credits to the game.



This is a vitual version of rock-paper-scissors. The program keeps track of the total wins for each player

Fish 1


This program has a fish that moves randomly left and right. There is a player-controlled and an auto-swim function as well as buttons to control the speed of the fish. It also keeps track of the total number of moves and times the fish hits the side of the "tank".

Fish 2D


This fish program has similar functions to the previous program but the fish can move left, right, up, and down. There is also a shark that moves randomly and "eats" the fish when they are in the same position.



This program is about the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl. The first form has my opinion on the game, both teams schedules, the results of the past 20 bowls they participated in, and their flags. The menu strip leads to a form with information about both teams.



This is an online version of Tic-Tac-Toe and tells the player who won the game or if it was a tie.



This program takes a number that the user inputs and can output a normal sequence and the sum of the numbers, a sequence of numbers up to the inputted number and its factorial, a sequence of even numbers and their sums, odd numbers and their sums, and the fibonacci sequence.

Basic AI Game


This project has a character that the player controls with arrow keys and a bullet the player can use the spacebar to shoot at the enemy which follows the play's character. The player looses points when the enemy gets too close and the enemy looses points when the player shoots it. Whoever runs out of points first looses.

Star Field


This program has stars that are placed randomly. The stars grow and travel out to the corners creating the illusion they are flying past.



This project has 20 butterflies that fly around randomly, bubbles that are placed randomly and travel up the form. There is a bird that flies around randomly that "eats" the butterflies, sending them to the bottom. If the butterflies touch the kite string they get stuck.